wishful thinking

ScriptSyncMost of my professional editorial experience is in the reality TV world, where the footage usually dictates the story, as opposed to the other way around for fictional, script-based storytelling.  But recently I got involved with my first scripted project in several years – a web series about the lives of three twenty-something male roommates living in Los Angeles (visit http://www.guessagain.net to see the pilot episode, which I did not edit).  As a frequent reader of online editing blogs similar to this one, I’d heard about a feature called “ScriptSync” that a small but devoted number of Avid users raved about.  For the first episode of the web series that I was assigned to cut, I decided to try out script-based editing and see what all the fuss was about. (more…)


avidvsfcpYesterday Apple released their first update to Final Cut Studio in over 2 years, and I am thrilled!  Why, you may ask, do I care about the latest iteration of Final Cut when I haven’t used FCP in over 3 years?  The answer: competition.  Every substantial release of a non-linear editing application raises the bar for each of its peers, forcing them to consider integrating the better features of competing products and innovate to produce stellar new features that will hopefully tip the scales in their favor next time an editor or post house is looking to make a major software purchase.  Without the NLE “arms race” Media Composer wouldn’t be blessed with the “Select All to the Right” feature (which I use practically all the time now), and Apple would not have included a large timecode window, color-coded markers that automatically ripple through the timeline, an equivalent to the “Remove Match Frame Edits” command, and an offline HD codec in their latest version of Final Cut (see the complete list of new features here). (more…)

I’ve recently been working part-time uprezzing an hour-long series for Animal Planet, which involves a ton of batch digitizing. When you’re staring at a computer screen for hours on end, waiting for the Capture Tool to do its thing, it’s very easy to get annoyed at little deficiencies in the software that would make my job easier and maybe even save a lot of time. I have no idea if the Capture Tool is undergoing any changes in the new version of MC, but here is my list of gripes that seem like they could be fixed without too much effort.

  1. For the love of God, please allow me to abort the capture at any stage of the process, rather than just when it’s in the middle of digitizing a clip. Whenever the deck keeps searching and searching for a timecode I know it won’t find, I have to switch the deck into Local mode to confuse the Avid into asking for the next tape. Nothing else seems to work. (more…)