“View from the Cutting Room Floor” is a film editing blog written from an assistant editor’s perspective that consists of freelancing advice; Avid tips and tricks; workflow suggestions; links to various post production resources; and general ruminations on film, television, and the state of media today. I hope you will be able to glean something useful from what I have to say, whether it be a new shortcut for your daily workflow or insight into the ever-changing post production landscape. Hopefully you will appreciate a different perspective of editing from someone young, enthusiastic, and still dreaming of fame and fortune – a view from the cutting room floor.

Tim Leavitt

Tim Leavitt is a freelance assistant editor in Los Angeles, CA. “View from the Cutting Room Floor” has been linked to by many noteworthy industry bloggers, including Norman Hollyn, Scott Simmons, Shane Ross, Oliver Peters, the Avid.com Pressroom, and The Art of the Guillotine. When not working, he re-edits his favorite movies into music videos to keep his Avid skills sharp.



“Guess Again” (web series / http://www.guessagain.net)

“Fatso” (16mm film / Los Angeles Film School)

Assistant Editor

“Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel” (reality series / Brad Lachman Productions / TruTV)

“The Celebrity Apprentice” (reality series / Mark Burnett Productions / NBC)

“The Chopping Block” (reality series / Granada U.S.A. / NBC)

“The Premier & I” (reality pilot / AFN Productions / Lifetime)

“Anger Management” (reality pilot / Fineman Entertainment / Showtime)

Post Production Assistant

“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (feature / Walden Media / Disney)

“Rock My Closet” (reality pilot / MTV)

“Lucy & Joe” (reality pilot / MTV)

“Hilary Duff: This is Now” (reality special / MTV)

“The Kentucky Kid” (reality pilot / MTV)

“Adventures in Hollyhood” (reality series / MTV)

“DanceLife” (reality series / MTV)

“Jessica Simpson: A Public Affair” (reality special / MTV)


Digitizer: “Groomer Has It” (reality series / Blue Room Effects / Animal Planet)

Digitizer: “Jam Sessions” (web series / Ubisoft / MTV)

Digitizer: “Fashion: The Life” (web series / Pepsi / MTV)

Digitizer / Assistant editor trainee: “The Kentucky Kid” (reality special / MTV)

Date Editor: “Housebroken” (reality series / MTV)


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Ron D. Says:

    [Hi, Tim! Enjoy your blog. FYI, in case this is of interest. Can provide an NFR license if you’d like to check it out in more detail. Best, Ron D.]



    EditGroove releases UserMatic(TM) – take control of your Preferences in Final Cut Pro

    EditGroove’s UserMatic(TM) solves FCP Preferences hassles once and for all, encouraging and facilitating experimentation in the thousands of ways Final Cut Pro can be customized. It leverages the editor’s time and creativity – by enabling multiple versioning, rollback points, easier troubleshooting, multiple users, and even accessing the same preferences across multiple edit bays.


    LOS ANGELES — EditGroove Software announces the release of UserMatic(TM) – a powerful yet streamlined application for managing Final Cut Pro user preferences.

    — Tired of having to “Trash Your Preferences” and start over from scratch?
    — Want to have different versions of your editing settings for different types of projects, genres, etc.?
    — Ever need to troubleshoot them or roll them back, because of stray experimentation or corruption?
    — Weary of clashing with other users’ ideas of how the FCP keyboard should be mapped?
    — Want an easy means of calling up your own Preferences from more than one workstation?

    UserMatic(TM) solves all of these issues once and for all, encouraging & facilitating experimentation in the thousands of ways Final Cut Pro can be customized. It leverages the editor’s time and creativity, by allowing for versioning, rollback points, easier troubleshooting, multiple users, and even multiple bays.

    FCP settings that are stored in UserMatic(TM) include User Preferences, System Settings, Audio/Video Settings, choice of Easy Setup, Favorite Effects, Button Bars, Keyboard Layouts, Window Layouts, and more.

    Features include:

    — Storage and Recall of an unlimited number of “user profiles” – each one containing an entire set of user customizations for Final Cut Pro.

    — One-button Backup: of the entire Library of user profiles into a single date/timestamped .ZIP file. Useful for further versioning and archiving, as well as conveniently transporting FCP user preferences from one facility to another (e.g., via a USB flash drive).

    — Trash button: reverts FCP back to its factory defaults, to clear existing customizations or for troubleshooting.

    — “Safety net” feature: Overwritten & deleted preferences are actually stored away in ‘Deleted’ folder, just in case.

    — Networking capability built-in. Simply pointing UserMatic(TM) to a network drive instantly allows for direct access to the same Library of user profiles from any number of FCP workstations (and potentially even from separate geographic locations, if desired).

    UserMatic(TM) was unveiled publicly for the first time at the Sept. 24 meeting of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group (LAFCPUG) in Hollywood. Founder Michael Horton declared it “one of the best presentations we’ve had in a very long time, if not ever.”

    Specs and Availability

    — UserMatic(TM) is a Universal Binary (Intel/PowerPC). Requires Mac OS 10.3 or later.
    — Price is $34.95, with volume discounts available.
    — Further details, complete documentation, and download available at http://www.EditGroove.com

    About EditGroove

    EditGroove is a Los Angeles-based supplier of video post-production utilities, and editorial and consulting services.

    It was founded in 2008 by veteran Los Angeles editor Ron Diamond, who brought with him over 15 years online & offline video editorial experience on a multitude of platforms. Diamond is also known for having co-written, with author and former Lucasfilm evangelist Michael Rubin, the book “NONLINEAR: A Field Guide to Digital Video and Film Editing” (4th ed.).


    Final Cut Pro is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
    EditGroove and UserMatic are trademarks of EditGroove Software. Other brand or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    UserMatic product info (incl. download & documentation)
    Press Materials (including screenshots, icons, banners)

    EditGroove Software
    Sales & Support


  2. Jeff Bartsch Says:

    Hey Tim – cool blog. I have a similar blog talking about editing that you may enjoy: http://www.editmentor.wordpress.com. And if you’re interested in some packages of footage to edit to develop your skills further, check out editmentor.com. -Jeff

  3. Barnaby Levy Says:

    ps have you tried using the numeric keypad when editing in multicam mode?

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