optionkeyMost non-linear editors know that the secret to an efficient workflow is to use keyboard shortcuts for your most frequently used editing functions, as opposed to mouse clicks.  What many intermediate Avid editors do not know, however, is that one extra keystroke gives you access to a slew of commands that you won’t see in any menus or on any buttons.  Try holding down the “Option” key (“Alt” in Windows) while you do various functions and see what happens.  You can drop the “Add Option Key” command from the command palette onto any of your composer or timeline buttons so that when clicked it will always perform the function as if you’re simultaneously pressing the option key.  I use this all the time with the “Copy” command.  Here are a few shortcuts that I’ve discovered.

New functions:

Option + Add Locator = bring up Locator popup window
Option + any track selector key = monitor track
Option + Mark Clip = mark to nearest edits, ignoring track selectors
Option + Trim Mode = return to most recent trim
Option + Matchframe = match back without changing marks in source
Option + Add keyframe = remove selected keyframes
Option + Drag keyframe = moves keyframe horizontally
Option + Lift/Extract/Copy = performs function and puts contents into Source monitor
Option + Add edit = Adds edits only in filler, ignoring track selectors
Option + Change workspace = change workspaces without opening or closing any tools
Option + Motion Effect/Fit to Fill/Subclip/etc. = toggle bin destination prompt
Option + Double-click item in bin = open item in pop-up window

Related functions:

Media Composer will perform a specific related function when you hold down Option for the following commands.  Some work in reverse as well.

Move 1 frame / Move 10 frames
Move 10 frames / Move 1 field
Go to in or out / Set in or out
Play Loop / Audio Loop Play
Play / Play to Out

Here is a very comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts on Moviola’s web site.  Feel free to add your own personal favorites in the comments below.